Monday, 26 August 2013

Treasure from Vaddadi vaaru..

With love and affection, Sri Vaddadi Sataynarayana Murty, an ardent devotee of GURUJI, a man with commitment and an elder brother after completing a four-month visit to USA, on 25th August 2013, hugged me and presented a treasure. 

It is GURU PRASADAM ( Sri Sri Sri V V Sreedharaacharya) for me. The TREASURE include 15 books on various subjects [published by Sri Jwala Central Trust(regd), Lakdikapool, Hyderabad.], Vibhuiti Prasadam, Gurudeva's photo frames, two pendants with GURUDEVA'S image and a Wrist Watch. 
Among the books, the Telugu version of SRIDHARAMRITAM, translated by Jagaddhatri and Ramateertha (Visakhapatnam) is a jewel. I am really lucky to have GURU PRASADAM. After 30 years, I got another watch, which I love very much. 
Murty ji, I owe to you very much and I find no wards to express.. My heart fills with joy. The joy is for keeping two personalities, an elder brother and MASTER together in one abode. 

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