Sunday, 3 March 2013

                                                                SCANDALOUS INDIA 

                                                              From INDIRA  to SONIA


We can not even remember the number of scandals taken place during the last 25 years in the country.. We can simply categorise them as "Scandals from Indira Gandhi - Sonia Gandhi. A few scandals just for recollection .

The major one which rocked the Nation in 1971 was SBI Rs. 60 lakh case.

[Shri Ved Parkash Malhotra who was the Chief Cashier, State Bank of India, New Delhi, on 24th May 1971 and whose credulousness in taking out the astronomical sum of sixty lakhs of rupees and in handing over the same to an unknown person hit the headlines in the Press, supplied ammunition to the critics of the Government and rocked the public. Malhotra says that the times were abnormal, he was working under great pressure and he was a victim of a clever ruse.

The voice of Nagarwala has come back to haunt public memory 30 years after it fooled a chief cashier at State Bank of India to part with Rs 60 lakh.

Rustom Suhrab Nagarwala, an ex-army captain and intelligence officer, for reasons still unknown, called the bank's Parliament Street branch on May 24, 1971. On the other end of the line was chief cashier Ved Prakash Malhotra, who heard the "voice of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi" instructing him to withdraw Rs 60 lakh and hand it over to a "Bangladeshi". Times were tense, with India on the threshold of a war with Bangladesh. Malhotra did not cross-check before following the voice's instructions. Alarm bells rang for Malhotra when he learnt of the impersonation at the PM's residence, where he had gone to get a receipt for the sum withdrawn.

Nagarwala was nabbed for "mimicking the voice" of the PM and the money was recovered on the same day after intelligence officials swung into a manhunt on the advice of the PM's principal secretary P Haskar.

The incident became a political scandal with Opposition claiming Gandhi's hand behind the fraud. The case took a mysterious angle with the death of its investigating officer, D K Kashyap, in a car crash. Nagarwala died in prison the same year, reportedly of a heart attack. Malhotra too commtted suicide.]

few more examples:
Pondichery licence scanadal wherein it was alleged that the then Union Commerce Minister Lailth Narayan Mishra was part of it.

Maruti land scandal; Bofors; Saint Kitts; Harshad Mehta, telecom scandal (PV regime)

People are well acquainted with the series of scandals seen the light during UPA regime.

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