Friday, 14 December 2012

This is the full text of the message received fro Sri Dasu Keshava Rao,Retd. resident Editor of the Hindu (Hyd)
K. Srinivasa Murthy, a retired employee of the South Central Railway, was rooted in spirituality and brotherhood. It was his earnest and passionate desire to spread and popularize his simple philosophy. He did not have connection or sources in the media to translate his dream. He had wished to see this brief message, written in November, 1991, in print, but that was not to be. He passed away at the age of 80 plus in February 2011. Much of what he had said is relevant to the present times when parochialism in rampant.

December 2012


An Appeal

               God is the Supreme Lord of the Universe – the humans are His children. All species are His creation. They make the appearance of the Universe more beautiful. God has arranged the necessaries of life. God allows every human being to live anywhere on the good earth in peace without causing any injury to anyone in any measure. The good earth created by the God is the sweet home of humans in reality and the mankind is undoubtedly a single family. The progressive evolution reveals ‘the absolute truth’’.
              The Divine permeates everywhere.
              Each individual is potentially divine.
             One’s life, externally and internally, is based on the efforts of the people living and dead.
             One must inherit, add and pass on to the future generation in one’s life seeking well-being of humans.
             Every Universal human being has the birth right to live anywhere on the good earth in peace by means of human service.
            One should keep oneself away from hatred in one’s life. This lesson should begin in the childhood itself.
             People are away from the realities of life. They are hankering after things really useless and harmful. So, the present generation must bundle them for rejection and shift to a new idea by which the present and future generations may live in perfect peace. This statement is based on my experience and introspection.
                I love to bring it to the cool and quiet mind of the reader and request him/her to voice his/her views in the cause of peace for humans. I hope these views will strengthen the human relationship and bring us light.
                                            K. Srinivasa Murthy

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